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Discover BioStar 2, your robust security platform with advanced features and an open architecture. Effortless but powerful, BioStar 2 makes multi-credential authentication easy and works the way you need to secure your business.

BioStar 2 is helping customers worldwide to
effortlessly enhance security

BOC Aviation

BOC AviationSingapore Aircraft Leasing Enterprise

“To be in line with our company's Sustainability Efforts, we selected Suprema's biometric and mobile credential solution. Suprema's solution has helped us remove the use of plastic cards and enabled us to move to a contactless platform.”

Yvonne Tan, Executive Office Manager

Anonymous UniversityUnited Kingdom

"For comparison, I also had other company's solution on my bench at the same time. It took me about 20 minutes to get going in BioStar 2 while it took around 2 days to figure out in other company's solution, and never worked quite right."

Anonymous Customer

BOC Aviation

Stonyhurst CollegeUnited Kingdom

"Our main priority was integration into our existing systems. Previously, it was a nightmare to administer. Everything was manual whereas Suprema BioStar 2 allowed us to be more automated and make us more time efficient. Also, it provided a better experience for the user."

Gareth Entwistle, ICT Service Director

Leicester City Football Club

Leicester City Football ClubUnited Kingdom

"Suprema BioStar 2 came to us because ease of registering the users, and ease of use on the devices. They are very simple, appealing to the eye, and has the ability to take the raw data that comes out of the reader and use it in several roles. The main advantage to us of Suprema BioStar 2 was its expandability going forward."

Ian Coulton, Head of Security

TLSContact Groupe Teleperformance

TLSContact Groupe TeleperformanceFrance

"We manage large quantities of sensitive personal data from visa applicants for the government, so data protection is our number one priority. We have been using Suprema Biometric solutions for more than 10 years to provide access controls at our sites all over the world protecting back-office areas and ensuring that customer data is safe at all times."

Anonymous Customer

TruFood Manufacturing

TruFood ManufacturingUS

“The management of the Suprema access control system is a breeze. The solution has given us more granular visibility into employee access rights and more control overall. We look forward to expanding BioStar 2 to our New York location soon.”

Said Matt Hearn, IT manager

Why BioStar 2?

Start Simply, Grow Endlessly:
Scalable and Flexible Architecture

Suprema offers flexible architecture options to match your organization’s needs, whether a small office or a global enterprise.

Access Controllers

Suprema’s intelligent controller (CoreStation) manages all devices and readers, keeping your site as well as personal information secure and compliant.

  • Easy to Manage
    Access control, decision-making, and data management are centralized at a single point.
  • Enhanced security
    Sensitive data are stored in main controllers with a Secure Element, ensuring protection from unauthorized access.
  • Easy to Scale
    Simplify expansion by adding capacity easily while keeping costs under control.
BioStar 2 Access Controllers
BioStar 2 Intelligent Reader Devices

Intelligent Reader Devices

Intelligent network device can serve as both a controller and a card reader simultaneously, suitable for companies that need flexibility for installation and maintenance or want to build their access control system in stages.

  • Real-time Management
    Intelligence at the network edge reduces response times and guards against connectivity loss
  • Cost-Effectiveness
    Simple wiring and low installation and maintenance costs for new installations or upgrades from legacy systems
  • Flexible Adaptation
    Add, remove, upgrade readers and devices without system-wide impact

Tailored User Experience with
Multi-Credential Support

Not everybody has the same needs which is why BioStar 2 natively supports a wide variety of credentials. Effortlessly issue physical cards, mobile credentials or biometric authentication according to your needs

What Are Access Control Credentials?east

Effortless Management

Reduce learning time and start securing your site with the intuitive interface of BioStar 2. Managing access rights and administering system functions is a breeze with our user-friendly web-based platform.

Full Featured Access Control

Benefit from advanced features that help your organization meet security, safety and compliance goals with full featured historical and forensic reporting, alarm and fire zone management, photo badging and powerful real-time monitoring. Expand further with Visitor Management and Time & Attendance options to eliminate the need for multiple systems.

Enterprise-grade Software

Harness the power of robust enterprise capable hardware and software that guarantees uptime, compatibility with IT standards as well as providing interfaces to integration with diverse systems.

Reliable Security Partner

Leverage the dedicated teams of Suprema who have been providing innovative solutions in security and identity for over 20 years.

Open API Integration

Our open and secure API allows connection with all kinds of systems to streamline processes and automate tasks by allowing secure information transfer and system control.


Certified with AES-256 , ISO 27001, ISO 27701, and protected with Secure Element(SE), Secure Boot, and data encryption.


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