Development Tools
Suprema G-SDK
Suprema G-SDK is a new software development kit for allowing Suprema devices to be integrated with third-party software. It is a lightweight, scalable, and cross-platform solution which expedites your development.


Multi-language support
By using gRPC which is an open source RPC framework, Suprema G-SDK lowers the barrier for developers by supporting a wide range of programming languages such as C++, C#, Java, Python, Objective-C, Go, JavaScript, and more. It will help developers who are not familiar with a certain programming language integrate Suprema devices with their own applications by using languages they prefer.
Higher scalability
With Suprema G-SDK, you can control device connections via gateways. Suprema G-SDK can support connectivity of up to 1,000 devices via a device gateway and a master gateway which supports up to 100,000 devices by coordinating multiple device gateways in parallel.
Greater performance

By adopting a protocol buffer mechanism, Suprema G-SDK will bring about greater performance through its ability to handle extremely enhanced operations and more efficient data serialization for faster data transfer for user management, event logging, etc. It increases in speed performance up to 5-10 times when compared to BioStar 2 Device SDK. Suprema G-SDK will provide users the faster and more pleasant connection to use.

Developer Support

Visit our Developer Support Site for comprehensive developer tools, code samples and templates to support new integrations.

Suprema G-SDK