Facial Authentication

Your Face is the key

Solution overview

Face is the easiest way to distinguish individuals among people. Facial authentication device feels closest to people without repulsion because it authenticates by recognizing people's faces. Suprema's facial authentication technology helps with fast, easy and intuitive user authentication and it offers various possibilities.

Solution features

Day and night. Same performance

Suprema's facial authentication technology detects changes in the surrounding environment. By controlling near-infrared LED according to the surrounding brightness, it is possible to authenticate users from a dark room and even outdoors.

Live Face Detection (LFD)

The latest optical technology and Suprema's facial authentication algorithm accurately distinguish the faces of users. It perfectly blocks spoofing using photograph or 3D printed mask.

More possibilities

Suprema's facial authentication device can be utilized for various purposes.
  • Zone management of food processing factories or hospitals where hygiene is important

  • Time & attendance management of construction sites where it is difficult to use fingerprint authentication

  • Access control of data centers, research institutes and banks that require improved security

  • Access control of regular offices

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