Data Center

Solution overview

Regardless of your industry sector, your data center is home to the most valuable assets of your company. The purpose of physical security systems of data centers are simply barring any local regulatory restrictions: that is, to keep out the unauthorized people from the facility. Suprema’s latest biometric access control solution is designed to meet stringent requirements from modern data centers. Combining the world’s leading biometric technology, distributed system topology, and two-way CCTV integration, Suprema provides the most secure physical access control solutions for data centers.

Industry demands

  • Sophisticated visitor management system
  • Wiegand reader support on access points around cages
  • Distributed topology to eliminate cabling and installation complexity of ACUs
  • Multi-modal (RF+biometrics) authentication for high-security areas
  • Fully configurable access zones and user groups
  • Tailgating/piggybacking prevention
  • Integration with mobile device management systems
  • Integration with video surveillance systems for event footages

Solution scenario

Solution features

  • Added layer of security by biometrics

    Added layer of security by biometrics

    • Multi-factor authentication with any combination of fingerprint, face, RF card and/or PIN
    • World’s best performing fingerprint and facial authentication technologies
    • Flexibility in system design differentiating authentication methods from the strict high-security access points to public areas
  • Sophisticated visitor management

    Sophisticated visitor management

    • BioStar 2 provides comprehensive visitor management features
    • Manages up to 128 access groups and 1,000 access readers
    • Full integration support with existing visitor management software and badging applications
    • Extensive audit trail reporting
  • Effective anti-tailgating solutions

    Effective anti-tailgating solutions

    • Anti-passback to prevent possible fraud by tailgating/piggybacking attempts
    • Man-trap configuration is available for sequential double-door entry
    • Real-time push notification and video footage streaming to administrators when pre-defined events occur
  • Distributed topology to meet the data center environment

    Distributed topology to meet the data center environment

    • Eliminate cabling complexity over cages and partitions
    • Wiegand reader control from edge devices (intelligent IP readers) to for on-cage installations
    • Less cabling and intelligent readers to maximize scalability over facility expansion and unoccupied sections
    • Suprema readers are fully compatible with legacy (125kHz) RF cards, 13.56MHz smart card standards as well as mobile credentials (NFC/BLE)
  • MDM(mobile device management) integration

    MDM(mobile device management) integration

    • BioStar 2 access control system to be in full compliance with the most MDM systems
    • Access control server communicates with MDM servers on the major entry points to enable/disable mobile restrictions as events occur
  • Video surveillance integration

    Video surveillance integration

    • 2-way video surveillance integration available
      • 1. video footage stored on BioStar 2 server
      • 2. access events delivered to VMS along with camera and access point
    • Real-time video footage delivering to administrators when pre-defined events occur
    • Full SDK and API support to enhance seamless integration to your existing video security systems