BioStation T2
BioStation T2 not only leverages a state-of-the-art device platform to provide an immense variety of features in a single device, but also takes advantage of Suprema’s world-renowned fingerprint technology to ensure speed and accuracy. It is ideal for applications that require a powerful & reliable hardware and an extensive feature set with a convenient user interface.


Suprema Fingerprint Technology
BioStation T2 is powered by the world-renowned Suprema fingerprint algorithm that has been recognized multiple times by both FVC and NIST MINEX as the most compatible and accurate algorithm in the world. With an exceptionally low error rate and quick verification speed of the Suprema algorithm, the powerful dual-CPU of the device, it pushes the performance envelop to the next level.
FVC : International competition focused on fingerprint verification software assessment
MINEX TEST : Minutiae Interoperability Ex change Test b y US Government’ s NIST
† Placed First in FVC 2004, 2006 / NIST MINEX 2008
Face Detection with Image logs
A picture is said to be worth a thousand words. Thus, rather than simple text based event logs, BioStation T2 can utilize its built-in camera to capture and store real-image based event logs. The image capture also features the Face Detection Technology for added security during the verification process. Proximity sensors and IR LEDs ensures that captured images are up to high standards.
Versatile Interface
BioStation T2 provides extra interface flexibility and multiple installation options for a number of different environments. It supports traditional interfaces such as RS485, RS232, Wiegand, and USB as well as IP interfaces from TCP/IP to Wi-Fi options. The I/O ports can be extended by using the Secure I/O accessory.
Beautiful Design
In order to utilize the endless features on BioStation T2, the device features a 5.0 inch clear LCD screen as the center of the device. The large screen and the beautifully designed, intuitive UI allows for easy navigation through the device’s features, which results in a premium user experience.

BioStation T2 embeds a PoE (Power over Ethernet) module that supplies power to the device through the same transmission cable as the data. This allows the device to be powered and controlled through just a single Ethernet cable, allowing quick and easy installation.