BioStar 1
IP Access Control and Time & Attendance Software
BioStar 1 is a comprehensive access control and time & attendance management software featuring TCP/IP-based system architecture with intelligent IP devices and terminals. It supports a wide range of third-party devices and integration with other business systems. It is the optimal solution to reduce cost while maintaining flexibility in design.


What’s New in Latest BioStar 1 Update
The latest BioStar 1 update(V1.92) now provides seamless support of Suprema 2nd generation devices, namely BioStation 2, BioStation A2, BioStation L2 and Secure I/O 2, BioEntry W2. This update enables users to choose powerful new biometric terminals for their existing BioStar 1 system hence provides extended capability, enhanced security as well as more flexibility in system design.
Distributed IP Access Control
BioStar 1 is Suprema’s access control system based on IP connectivity and biometric security. A biometric device installed at each door works not only as a reader, but also as an intelligent controller on its own. A separate secure relay unit can be installed for additional security.
Everything Access Control
Comprehensive access control management software
BioStar 1 is a comprehensive access control management software featuring an efficient TCP/IP-based system architecture with intelligent IP readers. It supports a wide choice of third-party devices and integrations with other security systems, which makes it the best solution in cost reduction and flexibility in design.
  • User Management
  • Access Management
  • Door Management
  • Lift Management
  • Visual Map Interface
  • Zone Management
  • Device Management
  • IP Camera & NVR Integration
Scalability and Expandability
BioStar 1 features a multi-level license to support implementation of all sizes and projects.
BioStar Standard Edition
BioStar 1 SE offers a powerful and comprehensive access control platform for full-scale applications. The SE version controls up to 512 access control devices with IP camera/NVR integration, antipassback, muster zone, e-mail notification and visual map features.
BioStar Basic
BioStar 1 Basic is the ideal platform for small to medium-sized enterprises. The system covers up to 20 devices and supports integrations with various database systems, event monitoring, T&A management and reporting features.
BioStar Lite
BioStar Lite is a device-embedded, web-based access control management software supporting up to 10 devices with one-door antipassback. The simple user interface and the synchronization with subdevices make the system operation easier than ever.
BioStar VideoPhone
BioStar VideoPhone is an IP-based video intercom software replacing an analogue video phone. Incorporated with Suprema readers such as FaceStation and BioStation T2, the application will allow the operator to see who is at the door and grant access, if approved.
Time and Attendance Features
BioStar 1 Standard Edition includes features that allow administrators to define time categories, shifts, daily schedules and holidays. With the supported Time & Attendance features, BioStar can enforce the workforce to comply with check-in and check-out procedures, restrict access to off-duty personnel and report attendance data. BioStar’s Time & Attendance features give administrators the ability to generate various kind of reports.
  • Work Hour Calculations
  • Shift Management
  • Reporting
  • Holiday and Leave Management
  • In/Out Board