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Suprema Integration with Hanwha WAVE

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Solution description

Solution Name: BioStar 2 Video Management System Integration

Suprema Integration with Nx Witness is a middleware that connects BioStar 2 to the VMS. Devices in BioStar 2 can be connected to cameras in the VMS and if events occur on that device, they will be transferred in real-time to the VMS, where they will be connected to recorded videos. It allows operators to monitor sites with a single user interface and associate access control events with videos. By using bookmarks, you can easily find or retrieve moments in that events occurred.

Supported features:

  • Bookmarks on video stream recordings for easy retrieval and playback.
  • Event log synchronization in between the VMS and BioStar 2 in real-time.

What is needed

To implement this integration, you need:

  • Supported OS

    Windows 10 professional and above (x64)

    Windows Server 2016 and later (x64)

  • BioStar 2

    BioStar 2 version 2.7.10 or later

  • Video Management System(VMS)

    Hanwha WAVE version 4.2 or later

System Configuration


  • Hanwha WAVE Integration
    Installation Package v1.0
    76.39 MB
  • Hanwha WAVE Integration
    Administrator Guide
    1.02 MB

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