EOL Announcement

BioStation T2 Models & FaceStation Wireless Models

Suprema will discontinue the production of BioStation T2 models and FaceStation wireless models.

BioStationT2 will be replaced with its successor, BioStation A2 which has the same style/form as T2, but provides enhanced performance and extended feature set such as faster matching speed, intuitive Android based UI, built-in Wi-Fi, and increased user/log capacity. 
Furthermore, BioStation A2 is not only supported from BioStar 2, but also supported from BioStar 1.91.

Non-wireless FaceStation models will continue to be available. Only wireless models are discontinueddue to discontinuance of wireless LAN.


Detailed Information

Product Model Successor Last Order End of Service
BioStation T2 BST2R-OC
BioStation A2 Nov. 18, 2016 Dec. 31, 2019
Product Model Successor Last Order End of Service
FaceStation FSMW
N/A Nov. 18, 2016 Dec. 31, 2019


Suprema will continually strive to improve and streamline its products to best suit your needs.

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