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Suprema’s BioStation 3 Wins the Best Product Award in Access Control
October 28, 2022

SEOUL, KOREA October 27, 2022 – Suprema, a global leader in access control and biometrics, has announced that BioStation 3 won the first prize ‘Best Product’ award in the ID and access control category at the 'Detektor International Award 2022', the most prestigious security technology award in Europe.

AR Media, a leading European publisher in the security industry, has held annual awards ceremonies since the year 2000. Suprema first won a Detektor award in 2009 and has won a total of six awards so far this year. At the awards ceremony on October 25th during the SKYDD 2022 international security exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden, Suprema's BioStation 3 terminal was recognized as an innovative access control solution that can significantly enhance security and user convenience simultaneously. “With its powerful AI engine and unique face on the mobile feature, BioStation 3 offers the market a contemporary solution for secure authentication and protection of users’ personal data – truly a winning concept.” said the jury of Detektor International Awards 2022.

BioStation 3 provides 100% contactless authentication methods, including facial recognition, QR codes and barcodes, mobile access cards, and RFID cards, which are all perfect for the post-COVID era. With a slim and compact form factor similar in size to a smartphone—BioStation 3 was reduced in size by 47% compared to previous models—it is easy to install and suitable for any door or building, from a small office to an enterprise environment. BioStation 3 also comes equipped with the security industry’s first AI processor enhanced with an NPU (Neural Processing Unit), making it possible to provide the highest level of access authentication performance. For the first in the industry, Suprema introduced 'Face Template on Mobile’ which is an authentication method that allows users to store and manage their facial authentication template on their mobile phone without having to store it in the company's database.

“We are very proud that BioStation 3’s technological innovations have been recognized worldwide through this award,” said Suprema Inc. CEO Hanchul Kim. “We will create a new 100% contactless access authentication standard for the post-COVID era with BioStation 3.”