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How to successfully manage work time and attendance schedules
January 19, 2022

Time management is critical for driving business success. A flawed attendance and work time management system can result in wasting internal resources. In this post, we have suggestions to improve of  worktime and attendance management that any organization can easily apply. We will also explain the benefits of attendance management system powered by biometric technology. 


Set a Specific and Clear Work time Policy

Regardless of company size, it is helpful to set clear and specific policy around employee work time management. With clear rules, employees can take full responsibility of their schedule and most optimally adjust working hours for best efficiency. Not to mention that clear policies prevent unnecessary conflict between employer and employees as well as among employees. Most importantly, employers need to elaborate the attendance policies to all members of the company to ensure everyone is fully aware.


Accurately track and analyse work time with Fingerprint Attendance System

Biometric authentication such as the fingerprint attendance system is reliable and convenient. A fingerprint attendance system, connected to HR/ERP system, can accurately collect and record time data for each employee. The collected data can be analyzed for overtime patterns and work schedules and insights gleaned can be used to improve company HR policy and work culture. Not to mention that employees can use the data to adjust their work schedules and improve work patterns.
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Enable efficient time attendance management with Suprema BioStar 2 TA

BioStar 2 TA is a time and attendance module that can be added on to BioStar 2, Suprema’s web-based open integrated security platform.It provides comprehensive time and attendance functions based on the company attendance policy. BioStar 2 TA helps employees keep track of their working hours and time logs. Let us highlight the three main features of BioStar 2 TA along with Suprema's fingerprint recognition terminals that can be used in conjunction with BioStar 2.


  • Prevent Human Error and Buddy Punching

BioStar 2 TA is a time attendance module that can be integrated with a company’s HR/ERP system. BioStation A2, Suprema’s fingerprint access control and time attendance terminal , provides the world's best matching performance through the new OP5 Sensor and Suprema fingerprint algorithm. Another advantage of fingerprint time attendance terminals like BioStation A2 is that they eliminate buddy punching. 


  • Timesheet Data Reports

As explained above, a company should be transparent about employee work time data to improve employee attendance. BioStar 2 can connect with ERP systems for Human Resources department to monitor employee performance on a real-time basis. 


  • Flexible Time Management System

BioStar 2 TA allows companies to set time codes for calculating worktime, overtime, vacation, leave and more. Once the rules are set, the software automatically calculates mealtime and break time for the deduction, making worktime management easy. BioStar 2 TA can also accommodate shifts and flexible, floating work hours, enabling easy work schedule management among employees. 


In this content we gave suggestions on how to improve work time and attendance management. A good starting point is for both employers and employees to understand the importance of work time and schedule management. A company should monitor employee attendance for a certain period collecting the timesheet data with a clear attendance policy. A fingerprint attendance system is a good solution that enhances convenience and accuracy of work time management.