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[UK] Wolverhampton Grammar School

[UK] Wolverhampton Grammar School


Wolverhampton Grammar School, founded in 1512, is an award-winning co-educational independent school. The campus is located west of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom and provides education through Year 13 (ages 4-18) across Junior School, Senior School, and Sixth Form. Wolverhampton Grammar School was awarded for the Independent School of choice for parents who want approachability and a human dimension to education and judged “Excellent” in all areas by the Independent Schools Inspectorate.


The customer was experiencing issues with the security software stability. The legacy system had frequent errors locking up the access and therefore the customer wished to solve the system’s shortcomings and deploy face stations at main locations to build a secure environment.


· Suprema offers central management and therefore it is possible to integrate access control to all doors by restricting, enabling and targeting individual’s access.

· Paxton Net2 Plus ACU (Access Control Unit) provide controls for each door allowing more robust control over security infrastructure rather than a single-unit multidoor controller.

· Biometric Reader BioLite N2 devices and FaceStation F2 were installed at the key site entry point helping to prevent Covid-19 through contactless access control.

· The installation was relatively straightforward, with the compact design of the readers having a minimal impact on the building’s exterior.

· Suprema Enrolment Readers make it simple for the School Administrator & IT Manager to enroll people in multiple site locations, since it is straightforward to manipulate and enroll individual’s credentials.

· Suprema Integrated seamlessly with Net2 via a single data entry point in the software. Whenever new credentials are added, the data is automatically synchronised across the entire system database.

· Through the ‘Airfob’ patch, the customer can send ‘Airfob’ invitations via email to all staff and students, enabling their mobile credentials to be added to the system, prior to visiting the site. This ensures staff and students can access site without delay with no requirement to remember or issue traditional card access.

· Mobile credentials also remove the cost of card renewal and provide a more secure way to maintain the security of the building.

· The Suprema solution is fully compliant with GDPR providing reassurance that the both the site and the data is secure and encrypted.



· The site access is now more efficient, cost effective, secure and safe with Suprema’s integrated security infrastructure ensuring system stability.

· The flexibility and ease of use for visitors, students, and staff led to improved user satisfaction. It eliminated the burden of frequent code changes and carrying physical cards or keys which can often be misplaced or misused.

· Suprema’s new advanced devices provide full compatibility with the existing system, seamlessly connecting with the exiting access control backbone.


    Wolverhampton Grammar School, UK




    Access Control


    Mobile Access
    Facial Recognition


    36 locations with Biometric Readers
    900 Users


    T G Baker (Sound ) Ltd.


    BioLite N2-ODB
    FaceStation F2-DB
    BioMini Slim 2
    BioEnrty W2-OAP
    Paxton Net2 Plus
    Suprema Integrated with Net2
    Airfob Patch


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