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[UK] High-End Residence

[UK] High-End Residence


Darke & Taylor Ltd provides a full range of building services and engineering solutions to a wide variety of customers and clients.
They have over 50 years of experience with luxury residential, commercial, private and public sector projects across England. Darke & Taylor’s technical expertise and commitment to quality make them a great choice for M&E installation projects. Darke & Taylor integrates systems and designs bespoke solutions to best meet each customer’s needs.


The customer wanted an access control system that would only require one credential for six sites across the south of the U.K. Mobile credential was a great solution, eliminating card and key replacement cost.


· A central security network was utilized to link multiple sites across VPN connections to allow the CoreStations to talk to the remote server.

· CoreStations used as controllers to keep RS485 connections and chains to a minimum and allowing large expansion capability in each location.

· Mobile credentials used to prevent employees from losing their credentials and creating a security risk. People don’t generally lose their mobile phones, so this keeps the system a lot safer. Credentials can be issued to visitors before they access the location, eliminating the need to visit security to receive physical cards or fobs.

· Security is in multiple locations with access to the Biostar 2 software through the cloud, so they are able to open and close doors remotely, allowing the client to move freely between rooms and properties.

· Airfob patch was attached to the existing card reader to allow mobile credentials to be transferred into a Wiegand signal. This allowed us to house a small reader inside video entry panels to the property keeping the equipment to a minimum whilst keeping the entrance looking neat.

· Remote Gate needed to be added to the Access control system, which had minimal space inside the enclosure housing the panel. As a CoreStation wouldn’t fit, we used a door module to connect back to RS485, allowing a smaller Power Supply Unit to be installed.

· Read in and out using two XPass D2 Rev 2 to allow security to see if there is anyone left on the premises. In the event of a fire, it can check everyone is safe using the roll call feature.


· Centralised system for all sites, so employees don’t have to carry around multiple credentials for different locations.
· Easy way for security to know where staff are in the clients portfolio properties.
· Easy enrollment and can be organized before new staff enter site, or visitors arrive.
· Confined 4-door solution in one box, minimising the space required for control panels.


    West Oxfordshire, London / UK




    Access Control


    Mobile Access


    West Oxfordshire Residences: 30 residents
    London Office & Residence: 100+ employees


    Darke & Taylor Ltd


    CoreStation: 9EA
    Door Module: 1EA
    XPass D2 Rev 2: 22EA
    Airfob Patch: 6EA


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