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[Pakistan] International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences

[Pakistan] International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences


With increasing reports of crimes in Pakistan, there is an increasing demand for using scientific methods for the analysis of physical evidence. The Sindh Forensic DNA and Serology laboratory (SFDL) is a futuristic laboratory in the province of Sindh, which is a new wing of International Center of Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), providing all DNA & Serology services. This state-of-the-art facility is built to aid the police and prosecution department during investigation and trial using modern technology. This forensic lab met all standards set by modern international research institutions. The salient features of this laboratory include well-trained staff, purpose-built laboratory space, biometric access and security cameras in every research room.


SFDL is Pakistan’s first DNA lab which was established with a mission to use new technology and forensic techniques for crime investigations in order to facilitate metropolitan police and law enforcement agencies. It makes this lab a highly sensitive and restricted area for unauthorized people. There was a need to install an Enterprise Class Access Control System which should be fast, reliable and secure in all aspects to avoid the unauthorized access in the lab. The customer wanted an Access Control System on all doors of DNA lab which should be expandable, fast, reliable, secure, user friendly and cost effective in terms of maintenance cost. Card Based Access Control systems have a need to issue and re-issue cards which increases both administrative work and the cost, in order to avoid this, a secure and user-friendly fingerprint-based Access Control System was required.


Suprema’s Valued Partner Limton Innovative System proposed solution with Suprema Centralized Access Control System consists of CS-40, DM-20 and BER2 with architecture based on RS-485 (daisy-chain). The system was proposed since CS-40 has greater Fingerprint Capacity 100,000 (1:N), faster Matching Speed 400,000 matches/sec and brilliant expansion capabilities of up to 64 units of RS485 devices. Limton deployed the Suprema Access control solution by following all standard of RS-485 daisy chain and successfully implemented the project in sensitive areas of customer with all the required security and access control/groups definition. CoreStation provided Suprema’s valued partner an added advantage over competitors due to its enormous processing, storage and expansion capabilities. Plus BioStar 2 is to use fast, secure and reliable solution which gives advantage of centralized management to users and devices. These features make customers comfortable and satisfy them to use Suprema Solutions pitched by Limton.


1) Centralized & User-Friendly BioStar 2 and CS-40 offer user friendly interface and centralized access control rights management for users and devices in real time

2) Faster Processing Time CS-40 matching speed of 400,000 matches/second offers speed that exceeds normal fingerprint readers and devices.

3) Improved Security Security for restricted areas of DNA lab was improved with the help of SIO2 and fingerprint readers.


    International Center for Chemical & Biological Sciences / Karachi, Pakistan




    Access control


    Control panel


    500 Employees


    Limton Innovative Systems


    Corestation: 2EA
    DM-20: 12EA
    BioEntry R2: 32EA
    SIO2: 12EA
    BioStar 2-STD


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