Suprema CoreStation is an intelligent door controller which provides the advantages of a biometric-enabled security over a centralized access control systems. Designed up to enterprise-level systems, the CoreStation handles up to 500,000 users with an incredible fingerprint matching speed of up to 400,000 match/sec. With the provisions of high-performance, biometric readiness, Ethernet communication, CoreStation is capable of offering the full features of the BioStar2 platform.


Centralized Biometric Access Control
Centralized storage for user and access control data including fingerprint credentials
Complete controller functionalities with fingerprint matching
Multi-port interface for fingerprint /RF readers
(Supports locks, sensors, RTE, and alarm devices)
Enterprise-level Capacity
Improved Security
  • Centralized, secure storage of biometric and access group data
  • No Ethernet connection to the edge devices
  • No data stored on the edge devices
  • Secure communication via TLS 1.2
  • AES-256 encryption
System Flexibility and Scalability
  • OSDP 2.0 compatible
  • Elevator control with OM-120
  • Supports up to 132 access points with DM-20 and Secure I/O 2
    (132 x Wiegand readers/64 x RS-485 readers)
  • 3rd party Wiegand reader
  • 4ch onboard reader control
    (Wiegand, RS-485, relays, inputs, outputs, power out, AUX)
  • Leverages existing wiring
Simultaneous matching speed up to 8 devices in 1 second




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